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Primary results are in: Jennifer McCormick will face extreme Republican Mike Braun in November general election

May 7, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Following today’s primary election results, Democrat Jennifer McCormick emerges as the beacon of hope against the chaos and fear brought forth by extreme Republican candidate Mike Braun. The upcoming November election in Indiana will be a pivotal movement for the future direction of our state, as voters will have the opportunity to choose between two vastly different visions.


“The primary results are in, setting up a clear choice this November,” stated McCormick. “As your governor, I will stand firm in my commitment to the values that define us as Hoosiers. I will fight to restore our reproductive rights and freedoms, champion for our kids, and ensure Hoosiers earn the wages they deserve. Indiana values reflect those of common sense, civility, and bipartisanship. Let’s bring this back to our great state. It’s our time; let’s go!” 


Jennifer McCormick stands for optimism and opportunity. With a proven track record of leadership and dedication to serving the people of Indiana, McCormick offers a fresh perspective grounded in inclusivity, transparency, and accountability. Her commitment to putting the needs of all citizens first, regardless of political affiliation, resonates deeply with voters across the state.


In stark contrast, Mike Braun’s victory in the Republican primary signals a troubling embrace of extremism that threatens to divide our state and sow further discord. His platform of chaos and fear offers no real solutions to the pressing issues facing Hoosiers, instead opting for divisive rhetoric and fear-mongering tactics.


As the November election approaches, voters in Indiana face a clear choice. After twenty years of one-party rule, will Indiana continue down the path of polarization and division, or will Hoosiers come together to embrace a future filled with optimism and opportunity? Jennifer McCormick represents the best of Indiana, offering a unifying vision that transcends party lines and puts the well-being of all Hoosiers first.


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