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Jennifer McCormick’s Statement on the nomination of Republican extremist Micah Beckwith for Lieutenant Governor

June 15, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Today, Micah Beckwith was selected to be Mike Braun’s running mate. Beckwith is, by far, the most extreme candidate ever nominated by either party for statewide office.


“I refuse to turn Indiana over to a Braun-Beckwith team,” stated McCormick. “They are dangerous, divisive, and extreme–and embody the fear and chaos that has taken our state on a dangerous path.”


“This year, Hoosiers will have a simple choice. The freedom to choose or the ban of reproductive freedoms. The freedom to learn or book bans. Democracy or insurrection. I know where I stand and I know Hoosiers have had enough of the Braun-Beckwith agenda.”


Beckwith, known for his extreme views and polarizing rhetoric, has a history of making statements and supporting policies that threaten the core values of our democracy and undermine fundamental rights. Beckwith even said that the rioters who desecrated the Capitol on January 6th were “sent by God.”


Beckwith supports the banning of books, a position that challenges the freedom of expression and the right to access diverse perspectives in education. He opposes reproductive freedoms, seeking to deny women the right to make choices about their own bodies. Furthermore, Beckwith has demonstrated a marked intolerance of differences. His views and actions have raised alarms about the potential erosion of inclusivity and respect for diversity under his leadership. This November, Hoosiers must choose opportunity and optimism by voting for Jennifer McCormick.


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