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When Hoosiers are healthy, they succeed in the classroom, at work, and at home. From our very youngest Hoosiers to those who are living out their golden senior years, Hoosiers must have access to an affordable, robust healthcare and public health system to achieve positive health outcomes through prevention, education, and access to care.

We will address the monopolization of hospital systems in Indiana by continuing to fight for competition by establishing an environment to grow independent hospitals, promote incentives and protections for health care provider recruitment and retention, and provide for more professional autonomy in practices.

We, I will explore all measures to continue to lower prescription costs.

We will prioritize statewide access to affordable and quality mental health services and addiction care, promoting the safety and wellbeing of Hoosiers.

We will expand Hoosiers’ Right to Try regarding their own healthcare by eliminating barriers and providing timely education to Hoosiers with serious or immediately life-threatening conditions.

We will fight for all Hoosiers to make their own healthcare decisions, including reproductive rights and freedoms, embracing IVF and access to contraception.

We will work to provide state-wide access to maternal health services addressing our state’s 25 counties deemed “maternity care deserts” while understanding 30% of our counties are without an OB-GYN.

We will work to lower Indiana’s infant mortality rate by better connecting mothers and families to accessible care and education.

We will audit and address the issues plaguing Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration’s (FSSA) operations and advance services to Hoosiers. We cannot repeat the Medicaid shortfall issue our families are facing and continue to have state agencies operate in silos.

We will support the development of a legal, well-regulated cannabis market. Legalizing medical marijuana would be the first step and carries the benefit of providing doctors one more option for treating suffering patients.

We will champion organ and tissue donation by establishing a better support system for living donors along with supporting statewide education programs regarding organ and tissue donation.

We will promote policies that protect our wetlands, water, air, soil, recreational forests, and wildlife and fight against policies that result in their devastation, leading to unhealthy Hoosiers and communities.

We will prioritize preventive programs addressing Indiana’s top health issues such as obesity, smoking, and other chronic diseases. These conditions are preventable and treatable, but continuing to ignore them will only increase healthcare expenditures, contribute to maternal mortality rates, and perpetuate family cycles of unhealthy lifestyles.

We will work with local officials to sustain their local healthcare facilities and health care providers, directing attention to our underserved communities by promoting projects that support the creation and expansion of health centers and recruiting healthcare providers to areas in need of services.

We will make it a priority to fully fund Medicaid and the Health First Indiana Program to ensure our public health system is positioned to serve Hoosiers today and tomorrow.

We will prioritize education surrounding vaccination and immunizations by working across state agencies to launch an aggressive campaign.

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