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SUPPORTING high-wage jobs and unions

DEMANDING responsible tax spending

PROTECTING reproductive rights and freedoms

DEFENDING public education


Jennifer McCormick is committed to

Learn more about Jennifer’s position on current issues below.

All Hoosiers deserve access to a fully funded, world-class education system.


Local Schools

All Hoosiers deserve a leader with integrity who will uphold the Constitution and protect our democracy.

Protecting Democracy

All Hoosiers should be provided with abundant opportunities to improve their quality of life and business be provided an environment to thrive.

Thriving Economy

All Hoosiers deserve access to affordable healthcare delivered by quality providers at all stages of life, regardless of ZIP code.


All Hoosiers should be empowered and entrusted to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference.

Reproductive Rights

and Freedoms

All Hoosiers deserve reliable and affordable utilities that provide beneficial services to our communities and environment.

Sustainable Energy

All Hoosiers deserve to thrive in an environment enriched by the natural beauty of our state.



All Hoosiers should be able to live, work, and play without fear.

Safe Communities

All Hoosiers deserve a state government that can be trusted, held accountable, and works for the protections and betterment of all.


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