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Protecting Democracy

Indiana, along with the rest of the country, faces a critical moment in the great experiment of democracy. It is up to us, as a community of informed and engaged Hoosiers, to confront these threats and collectively fight the forces working to restrict our voices.

We will empower and embrace the voice of the people. I will work tirelessly to expand opportunities for voter registration and increased voter access to the polls.

We will also lead the charge to introduce citizen-led ballot initiatives as another way for Hoosier voices to be heard.

We will enhance civic education in our K-12 system and will introduce pre-registration programs for 16- and 17-year-old students, so they are ready to undertake their duties as citizens once they are able.

We will fight against gerrymandering by developing a nonpartisan redistricting commission, increase opportunities for public input, and appoint Indiana Supreme Court justices who respect an inclusive and transparent redistricting process.

We will govern, including working with the Office of Inspector General, with the highest standards of transparency and accountability to inspire Hoosier confidence in their government.

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