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Reproductive Rights and Freedoms

Indiana’s Republican-led extreme abortion ban has taken away the right of women to make deeply personal decisions regarding their own healthcare. Government action should not compromise the health of its citizens or severely limit opportunities to reach their full potential.

We will fight for reproductive rights and freedoms, including restoring those rights and freedoms recently lost.

We will examine all potential paths to a constitutional amendment that restores access to abortion services and a promise to veto any bill that further limits the rights and liberties of women throughout our state.

We will also work to expand Medicaid programs and provide greater flexibility for family medical leave so that basic health and childcare needs of Hoosiers are met.

We will appoint Indiana Supreme Court justices who believe in upholding reproductive rights and freedoms.

We will work to create a state where healthcare providers are respected and protected in order to attract and retain the best and brightest in all corners of the state.

We will work to provide state-wide access to maternal health services, addressing our state’s 25 counties deemed “maternity care deserts” while understanding 30% of our counties are without an OB-GYN.

We will fight for Hoosiers access to comprehensive contraceptive care and contraceptive methods.

We will protect IVF treatments and access to contraception, empowering personal family planning.

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