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Responsible Government

All Hoosiers deserve a state government that can be trusted, is held accountable, and works for the protections and betterment of all.

We will fight to protect individuals by promoting good policy that protects and respects the rights and freedoms of all individuals and fight against policy that promotes hate.

We will budget based on priorities and the responsible use of public tax dollars.

We will audit the possibility of merging state agencies and/or their responsibilities to support collaboration for efficient and effective spending and programming.

We will scrutinize any tax increases proposed by the republican-led legislature.

We commit to making responsible appointments and staffing decisions with individuals who hold the expertise and passion for the specific work. I will only bring forth those who put Hoosiers before political or personal gain.

We will govern, including working with the Office of Inspector General, with the highest standards of transparency and accountability to inspire Hoosier confidence in their government.

We will speak out against state government overreach and frivolous actions.

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