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Safe Communities

Our personal liberties are dependent upon safe communities. All Hoosiers should be able to live, work, and play without fear.

We will fight to protect individuals by promoting good policy that protects and respects the rights and freedoms of all individuals and fight against policy that promotes hate.

We will fight for statewide access to affordable healthcare and quality providers, including prioritizing mental health services and addiction care, to promote the safety and wellbeing of Hoosiers.

We will seek regular and consistent input from public safety officials in order for Indiana to find solutions to our safety risks, attract and retain a diverse pool of safety officials, and to select the leadership they deserve.

We will promote policies that protect our wetlands, water, air, soil, recreational forests, and wildlife and fight against policies that result in their devastation, leading to unhealthy Hoosiers and communities. When our environmental issues are addressed, our safety is enhanced.

We will work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our public safety officials and commit my budget recommendations to reflect the financial backing to make this a reality.

We will work with and fight for our public safety officials while holding them accountable for the highest level of professional behaviors and actions.

We will seek adequate and timely school safety funding, allowing flexibility for our schools to address safety risks.

We will work with local, state, and federal officials in supporting an immigrant system that creates a safe, timely, orderly, and humane pathway for those seeking legal immigration while keeping our communities and those responsible for border security safe.

We will support funding efforts and local partnerships that reduce and dismantle the supply of illicit drugs like fentanyl and other synthetic opioids and increase access to addiction care.

We will support and empower local officials in their quest to prevent and address safety risks in our communities.

I will work to repeal the permitless carry law and enact laws requiring universal background checks and 30-day waiting periods.

I will promote safe storage requirements to prevent children's access to guns.

I will promote a  minimum age requirement to purchase a gun.

I will support restrictions on gun ownership for violent offenders, domestic abusers, and hate crime offenders.

I will support the repeal of Indiana’s preemption law that removed the ability of local governments to regulate firearms in their communities.

We will protect the 2nd Amendment by collaborating with law enforcement, elected officials, advocacy groups, gun violence survivors, and community leaders to secure sensible gun violence prevention measures that are overwhelmingly supported by Hoosiers.

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