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Thriving Economy

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, it is imperative to adopt a comprehensive economic development policy and plan that fosters small business innovation, attracts business investment, creates high-quality jobs, establishes a highly skilled workforce, strengthens our labor unions, and ensures sustainability.

We will develop and implement a comprehensive economic development plan that is honest and transparent, including being accurate in job creation claims, capital investments, and wages.

We will fight for policy that promotes a healthy and viable workforce. That means access to affordable healthcare and recruiting and retaining quality health care providers for all, including prioritizing mental health and addiction care.

We will champion for a strong world-class education system—embracing an approach focused on birth through adulthood—that is adequately and equitably funded in order to produce highly educated and skilled Hoosiers.

We will hold the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) accountable for transparency in operations—such as the amount of tax avoidance of their investments, inclusivity of local input, and honesty regarding investment outcomes. I will also broaden the definition of local participation in incentives—ensuring local officials to determine priorities.

We will work in collaboration with in-state, national, and international partners to launch comprehensive workforce development initiatives tailored to the needs of emerging industries, setting expectations for and providing support for a highly educated and trained citizenry.

We will pursue federal grants aligned with Indiana’s needs and priorities by bringing back your tax dollars from Washington DC.

We will approach the promotion of partnerships between educational institutions, labor unions, and employers to best align curriculum with industry demands, using a practical and purposeful manner while empowering instructors.

We will provide targeted support for small businesses and startups through access to capital, incubator programs, mentorship networks, and nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem statewide.

We will identify and reduce administrative barriers to business formation while increasing access to goal support and resources for women and minority-owned businesses, fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation.

We will create innovation clusters in key sectors, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among businesses, research institutions, local leaders, and startups.

We will prioritize Indiana becoming a hub of a highly educated, skilled, and viable workforce to attract and retain business and industry who offer high-wage jobs. This begins by ensuring Hoosiers have opportunities for a high quality of life- offering a world-class education, access to affordable healthcare and housing, embracing an array of recreational options, and protecting the rights and freedoms of all citizens.

We will support our collective bargaining, which ultimately impacts the wages of our entire workforce by making sure their voices are represented on state-level boards and commissions.

We will support the viability of our workforce by empowering and supporting our families through the development and expansion of statewide access to programs that address Hoosiers’ needs related to birth through age 3, affordable childcare, and universal PreK.

We will fight for the legalization of medical marijuana as a source of state revenue established on a well-regulated marketplace and monitored by a Cannabis Task Force in order to study the issues, opportunities, and potential obstructions associated with recreational marijuana legalization.

We will also support the expungement of criminal records for low-level marijuana-related convictions as well as investments in job programs for those negatively impacted by the criminalization of marijuana to increase the availability of Hoosiers in the workforce.

We will work with local officials to examine ways in which my office can assist with the affordable housing crisis happening in many of our communities.

We will invest in a modernized Indiana infrastructure by prioritizing investments in transportation, fast and reliable broadband connectivity, and renewable energy infrastructure.

We will create an economic development plan that promotes environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, and resilience to our changing climate. I will support the further transition and expansion of renewable and clean energy for Hoosier citizens and businesses by investing in locally-driven energy practices.

We will commit to joining the bipartisan group of governors in the U.S. Climate Alliance to further encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and incentivize green technology innovation, supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy while creating green jobs and reducing negative environmental impacts of economic development.

We will foster economic inclusivity by promoting equality in the workforce, business ownership, and procurement practices, ensuring that all Hoosiers have equal access to economic opportunities and prosperity.

We will fight for more cash in Hoosiers’ pockets by establishing the expectation of reliable and affordable utilities that provide beneficial services to our communities and environment by restoring responsible practices from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

We will implement targeted programs to address disparities in underserved communities, including minority-owned businesses, rural areas, and areas affected by economic downturns, fostering inclusive growth and reducing income inequality.

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